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CRC Gold Coast Window Cleaning services


We provide a reliable, high-quality window cleaning service to single and double storey buildings.

We will clean your glass both internal and external using professional equipment and detergent, all at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Window Cleaning Quotes and Pricing:

We are confident our customers find our quotes value for money and highly competitive. All our jobs are priced according to a competitive and affordable hourly rate, based on the amount and type of work involved. For lots more about our Gold Coast Window Cleaning prices, go to our Home Services Pricing page.

So what sets us apart from other window cleaners?

  • Other window cleaners will use just ordinary dish wash liquid. We don’t! We use a product specially formulated to get your windows as clean as can be. We often get comments on how sparkling they are after our window washers have finished.
  • Most other window cleaners will just dry brush your screens. We won’t! We will spray a product on your screens and rinse off using a low power pressure cleaner.
  • We will vacuum your tracks using a high powered back-vac and use a specialist tool to get into the narrowest of tracks, leaving them dust free.

We guarantee all our work and – in the unlikely event that you find a problem with our work – we promise to re-visit and we will re-clean (free of charge) until you are thoroughly satisfied with the job.

Our policy is to clean the windows and sills – all frames and sills are wiped over as part of the window cleaning package.

Security and fly screens will be removed by our window washers where possible and thoroughly cleaned. (Wherever necessary, a high pressure cleaner will be used). If we are unable to remove them, we will still clean them thoroughly whilst they are in place.

Take a look at this video – showing you how to replace the mesh in your old fly screens:

Spiders cobwebs and droppings cause unsightly stains and encourage the build-up of dust and other debris. Removal of cobwebs and associated mess from eaves, gutters etc. is available by our window washers on request.

We will clean internal glass and mirrored robe doors on request.

In terms of regularity of cleaning, we clean residential properties at the discretion of the owner but we advise that twice yearly is sufficient for most properties.

In terms of Commercial properties, we work for several body-corporates on the Gold Coast and are always looking to increase this amount. We are happy to clean offices, restaurants shops etc. (including shop canopies on request).

As all commercial properties are different, we use the same pricing process as we do when quoting for domestic clients. We have a minimum call out fee then work at a competitive hourly rate for the remaining hours worked.

No mess will be left. Floor coverings and surgeons “over-boots” (over our footwear) are always used when doing any internal work, ensuring the best possible protection for your flooring, carpets and furniture.

Our fully-trained personnel use the latest tools and safety equipment to ensure the job is done to your complete satisfaction. So when YOU need your windows cleaning, we can provide the professional solution you need.

So, in summary, remember when you need a window cleaner on the Gold Coast, contact CRC Window Cleaning Gold Coast; we are:

  • Reliable
  • Fully insured
  • Competitive with our quotes
  • Easy to contact
  • Considerate, polite, friendly
  • Not afraid to guarantee our work
  • Proud of our hard-built reputation
  • A company that takes our and your health and safety seriously

Please note that due to the risks involved in carrying out builders cleans, it is company policy not to carry out such works. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Window Cleaning

Here’s a short video we made of part of our window cleaning service:


If you still feel you’d like to clean your own Gold Coast windows, why not follow our window cleaning Top Ten Tips? If you have any other tips to offer then Contact CRC Gold Coast Window Cleaning and we’ll share them with our customers!

  1. Apply soapy water solution in a circular motion.
  2. When removing soapy water from glass, overlap squeegee stokes by a couple of centimetres.
  3. Always go from top to bottom with squeegee, never side to side.
  4. Finish with the squeegee blade horizontally at the bottom edge of the window frame rather than vertically against the side of the frame.
  5. Tap the squeegee blade on the window to remove excess water.
  6. Avoid using too much water unless the windows are very dirty or it is very hot.
  7. Always avoid cleaning glass in direct sunlight
  8. On windy days work in the same direction as the wind to avoid spray landing on clean windows.
  9. Always thoroughly clean fly/security screens. If screens are not clean and it rains, the dirt from the screens will end up back on your clean glass.
  10. Remove bird and spider droppings by soaking it in water for a few minutes first, then if needed use a razor blade to scrape of the remainder.

… and one EXTRA tip!

If you’re in any doubt about how to get sparkling clean windows anywhere on the Gold Coast, just call in the professionals… CRC Window Cleaning Gold Coast!

Call us! You’ll Certainly “CRC the Difference!”

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