Pool Cleaning

Our Gold Coast Pool Cleaning Services


We offer a range of service options to suit you specific needs and budget.
We recommend a minimum of once a month through the winter months and at least once a fortnight through late spring to late autumn.

clean-poolPricing starts from $39.95 (plus chemicals) for weekly regular maintenance. Contact us today to arrange a free no-obligation quote.

To keep your pool in top condition, we:

  • Vacuum Pool
  • Scoop leaves and debris from pool
  • Brush steps, seats and water line
  • Clean filter on a regular basis as necessary
  • Clean salt water chlorinator on a regular basis
  • Empty skimmer baskets & pump baskets each visit
  • Pools are balanced once a fortnight during summer and once a month during winter
  • Test and add chemicals to maintain water balance when required (additional cost for chemicals)

Additional maintenance

We recommend that you have your DE filters cleaned every 6 months.

This includes breaking down the filter, cleaning the grids, lubricating the O-rings, refilling it with new DE powder and recharging the system.

This can be provided at a competitive additional cost.

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